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2014 Int'l SAA Convention/Conference

The 27th Annual International SAA Convention & Conference will be held in Los Angeles, CA on May 23-26, 2014.  The name of this year's event is "Destination: Grace" and promises to be an inspiring, well-attended event.

We encourage anyone and everyone in our Twin Cities fellowship (who has the blessing their sponsor) to consider going to the convention and, for those who meet the sobriety requirements, to the conference itself as a delegate for one of our TC groups.

FYI, for SAA, the differences between "convention" and "conference" are as follows:
Convention:  where members of SAA can convene for a  4-day weekend of workshops, social events, sight-seeing, banquets and all-around fellowship.
Conference:  held concurrently over the first two days of the Convention, the Conference is a business meeting of elected delegates who come together to confer and vote upon matters affecting SAA as a whole, i.e. matters that need to be address on the ISO (international) level.

Attending either the Convention and/or the Conference have for many proven to be one of the greatest things they've ever done for their program.  To be totally, joyfully immersed in program for 4 days with SAA brethren from all around the world... words cannot describe how rewarding, fulfilling and enriching the experience is.  However, if you would like more insight into the experience from a Twin Cities fellowship member who's been there before - and/or more information on this year's L.A. event itself - go ahead and email us at saatcrecovery@gmail.com and one of our members with conference/convention experience will get back to you to answer your questions.

We hope to see many of you in L.A. in May!!

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